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Use Abandoned Cart for the best email campaigns
October 1st, 2012

So you’ve managed to get your customers to sign up to your newsletters. And they’ve clicked on the link that takes them to your website. In fact, they’ve actually put your product in their basket. Result, yes? Well not quite – not if that person then fails to complete the transaction. With Hiya Mail’s Abandoned Cart feature you can tell when someone walks away without going to the checkout, or fails to complete forms or questionnaires. More importantly, you can do something about it. Dynamic Content makes it easy for you to schedule a specific email to be sent an hour after. Why not include a 10% off coupon for the product they were interested in, just to sweeten the deal? Or ask them what you could have done better next time? With Abandoned Cart you can understand your customers better than ever, and provide them with a tailored, personalised experience that will increase the quality of your brand – and ultimately your business as a whole. If you want to find out more contact your account manager or call us on +44 (0)207 047 8110.

Get the best out of your contacts with first-rate tracking
September 27th, 2012

On-Site Email Tracking
Now you can do more than just see who has opened your newsletter and clicked on the links. Utilise your contact list to its fullest by tracking your customer’s activity – both before and after they receive an email from you.

With Hiya Mail’s new On-Site Email Tracking function, you can follow the paths of potential customers before they’ve even signed up. By storing this information for you, Hiya Mail enables you to implement it by tailoring future emails to the customer’s interests after they have signed up.

Customer Click tracking.
Once you’ve acquired information on your customers’ interests, you can increase your newsletter’s appeal by sending them emails with relevant dynamic content.

You will also continue to collect information about your customers directly after they have signed up. Hiya Mail can tell you what link someone has clicked on from your email, and then the pages they have subsequently visited (giving you a strong idea of what they’re interested in). Finally, you can also see the outcome – whether the customer purchased a product, or filled out a form.

With continuous Customer Click tracking you can keep up to date with your customer’s interests, enabling you to maintain a highly personalised customer experience.

New year… new email?
January 9th, 2012

As we all know, email marketing isn’t new – in fact it’s been around as long as email itself. And contrary to all the popular myths out there, email responses are growing and good campaigns are seeing more click throughs and more page impressions once the clicker is on your site.

How? Why? …well marketers are now ‘listening’ and ‘responding’ to what people want.

Take Amazon for example, they grow year on year and they are not spending millions on advertising but subtlety get each of us back on their site with specific targeted campaigns based on our past activity… So yesterday I was looking at a car mechanics book…. a few days later they send me an email with offers and further information on books which, wait for it, I might be interested in…

Now let us try this approach with your customers… let’s assume that last month there were 6 links in your newsletter, each going to a certain product or service. Now of course your email marketing platform is recording which links are being clicked on and by who, so let’s act on this and send clickers more information on what they were interested in… what they clicked on.

Now it’s important to follow that up with more information that will inspire them to engage further so lets not bore them with a sermon on it, but feed them with what they are looking for… a bite size piece of information that takes them through to a specific landing page with a call to action… download a white paper or request a call back for example.

Now this is just a taster of some of the things that you could be doing if you aren’t already. If you would like a review of your current email campaigns then please drop me a line, i’d be happy to help you create a suitable campaign with you or just be a sounding board if you have a campaign coming up.

Here’s to a great 2012!

Donna – 0207 047 8111

Latest Email Track study from the DMA
November 22nd, 2011

I have just avidly read through the latest email study from the DMA, which covers email activity from the masses… i.e. not us email marketers.

As usual it takes  a study to remind us that the mortals of the non email marketing world actually are not strapped to their PCs, Macs and Blackberry’s.. and now iPhone 3, 3s, 4 and 4s.

It seems that only Marketers spend over 3 hours a day looking at their emails that’s a mere 29% of the people asked, and most of those are during work hours. The remainder of the 71% spend less than 2 hours next to their emails with most spending just a few minutes on it.

So this means 2 things:

1.       When people view their inboxes they do it infrequently and therefore have a lot of emails to get through

2.       You HAVE to stand out within their inbox

In my last blog I gave the top 10 things to test… and one that is paramount here is what is the best time to send… look at your current stats and send when people are in their inbox! Not elsewhere.

Another thing that became apparent is that the mobile device is there as an ‘email filter’ where people scan what they want to keep while deleting all others… so make sure that your email is clear and to the point so it doesn’t get filtered by the worst filter… your recipient!

As always if you need any help or if this has raised any thoughts give us a call….

Email Marketing, 10 Things You Should be Testing…
October 13th, 2011

We all know that we need to test our emails but how many of us have the time and patience to do everything every time… well the good news is that you don’t need to test all 10 every time.. but to smash those open rates and click through stats here are our top 10 email marketing tips….

1.  Test how your email renders in the top email clients…

If you are sending B2C campaigns then be sure to test the most popular webmail clients such as – hotmail, Yahoo, gmail amongst others.

For B2B ensure that your email looks good in Outlook 2005, 2007, 2010, Apple Mail (for the Mac), Lotus Notes and other popular business email clients.

If you are using the same template each month then the email will always render in the same way as it did the last time you tested it…  you just need to keep an eye out for the next release of Outlook or a Hotmail Live for instance to ensure that any changes do not affect your template design for it to work!

And one last warning… if your email doesn’t render correctly people wont still try and read it – they will delete it.

2.       Test your email on mobile devices…

The great news for all the iphone users is that images automatically display in proportion to the email layout and unless your creative is landscape rather than the traditional portrait then it should be fine.

For all Blackberry users it’s a lot more hit and miss, depending on their network provider, which handset and the age, your recipient’s device may not support HTML.  In that case they need a good plain text version.  If however your audience are carrying the newer handsets such as the Storm or Bold then it will work…  just without the images as just like in many email clients images may need to be loaded with permission of the user.

The thing to remember is, be sure you have a great text email to go along with your html version and where you do use images add a useful image name and description so that the email still makes sense if the don’t load.

3.       Test if you need the images!

Now this is where all marketers gasp in horror… but it is very true!  A simple and SAFE test is to resend a campaign to all of your unopened recipients from your last campaign without the images (think of it like sending them an email directly out of Outlook) – so you can keep your logo… and make all the rest of the text stand out without all the glamour of  professional design… add your links and your ready to send.  The results of this campaign will surprise you… in most cases you will get an equal to or higher open rate and click through rate than before!

4.       Test your subject line!

Does ‘October Newsletter’ really do it for you?… Why not split test your campaign to see what gives you the best result, then learn from it… a split test can be A/B or A/B/C and so on.  The only rule to remember with testing is make sure you only change one thing i.e. the subject line and see the results. By changing one thing you can see what works and what doesn’t. Our clients have seen over a 60% increase in click throughs by trying this.

5.       Test your sending name

Most people in the B2B world know someone within your organisation, so use that information to get the recipient to open your email… by changing the sender to a known person you can double the open rate!  And for all you B2C emailers – use your brand names, celebs who are endorsing the brand… keep the on and off line marketing campaign joined up.

6.       Test your content

In the same way as applying a split test to your subject line you can do this for your content and see what makes the difference… is a different font getting a better result…. does an image light email give you a higher ROI?

7.       Test your sending time

There has always been a correlation between the age group of a database and when they respond to a B2C campaign, and on a B2B campaign, the job roles determine the best time of sending.  However, there are not hard and fast rules on this. For example by testing when your customers are most responsive and taking their lead.

The best example of this is a big online brand who through their own testing have found that sending out their campaigns on a Friday and Saturday evening from 12 o’clock (as in midnight) they have the highest return.  The typical age group of their database is 21-35, women who have gone out for the night, returned home, check their emails and then shop online… great testing on their part!  For B2B there are numerous hot times depending on your market sector and job title of the people you are sending to. Call me and we can go through the right times for you!

8.       Test your sending day

Is Thursday the new Friday or are you catching the early birds at the beginning of the week… look at your current stats to see when people are responding better…. try each day of the week until you see which one gives you the highest return.

9.       Test your inactives

Send these people an automatic stripped down version of the email 3 days later and watch the responses… many people are not sitting by their machines waiting for your email to come in… so just because you missed the window earlier this week, try later and see how many more openers and clickers will fall into the funnel.  This bit of work should take you around 10 minutes to set up at the end of each campaign.. so what are you waiting for?

10.   Test your supplier!

Are your delivery rates what they were? Are your open rates going down? Is the pot of people who are sitting in your list not responding…if your content no longer inspires your recipients to act or you have having deliverability issues… whatever it is talk to us and we will give you no obligation free advice and help to get you on the right path (while shamelessly trying to sell you Hiya!) well we have to warn you!

Email us or call us on 0207 047 8110 for a one to one test on how Hiya can take you to the next level.


Donna McNicholas
0207 047 8111

Happy 40th Birthday Email!
September 27th, 2011

It’s been 40 years since the invention of email!  Many people still see email as going hand in hand with the creation of the internet, but email has been used way before the glories of the world wide web.

The reason for its success is its simplicity… the ability to send a communication in real time to a number of people with full reporting to see that it has reached its destination and it has been ‘read’ by the recipient.

And how things have changed…

Email is now an integral part of the marketing mix, although the designing has become a lot more complex and pleasing to the eye, us marketers now love our tried and tested campaigns, with most of us on average sending out our monthly newsletter, not because we have to but because it delivers results, from up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, repeat sale or even just to keep the name and brand at the forefront of our customers minds.  The power of email marketing is still one of its biggest assets, real time results are tracked and monitored, campaigns can be edited and amended as required and instant sales are brought in.

The issue we all face is how to get better at it.  Everyone says you can learn from the results but it you can see all of the results each time, nothing gives you that light bulb moment on the next stage to increase your results, and that is where Hiya are here to help.

We are a fresh pair of eyes to view over your creatives, your results and your targets and actually give you real advice on what can be changed and how to reach and exceed your goals.  We live, eat and breath email marketing, just like the 40 years that email has been with us, we will be with you for a long time to come.

Call me on 0207 047 8111 or email me for an informal chat on where you are currently at with your campaigns.

Donna McNicholas

Email Marketing Guru Joins Hiya’s Expansion Drive
September 26th, 2011

Hiya Group blazes a trail with the appointment of Donna McNicholas as Head of Sales UK.

Hiya Group provides SaaS platform solutions to some of the worlds biggest brands helping them to transform their customer relationships into more profitable, timely and measurable encounters.

Donna has joined the Hiya Mail UK team and brings with her over 10 years of experience in sales focused roles for companies including Lyris Technologies, BrotherMailer, Mindjet and dotMailer.

Donna says: “Hiya Group has a fantastic reputation, with its email marketing platform (Hiya Mail) and its range of marketing and commerce solutions, Hiya is capturing increasing market share and emerging as a serious player in this field.   My role is to develop the company’s position in the email marketing and loyalty spheres where it is already recognised and develop and implement a growth strategy in new markets.”

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Update to the DMA code of practice: ICO & cookie laws
September 26th, 2011

The DMA UK released its latest iteration of the DMA code of practice.  The elements that relate to email marketing have been updated to include the new requirements defined by the new Data and Cookie laws.   These were introduced to stay in line with the EU privacy laws which were recently updated.

Brands now have to be more transparent with their collection of data; how they collect it, what they will do with it, and, specifically reference the use of cookies and other tracking technology on their site.

Users must now be able to consent to the use of cookies, or other similar tracking technology used for the operation of the service being expected by the user.

There are exceptions however, for example:

  • On a site that you can log into – ecommerce for instance – the site will need to set up a cookie as part of being able to use the site, ie: keeping your cart up to date. This is deemed to be a necessary cookie.

Examples of cookies that are not necessary are:

  • Most brands like to know who does what on their website and some allow third parties who advertise on their site to track usage across multiple sites to ensure they display the most appropriate ads. These cookies are not necessary for the service, and as such you would need to gain user permission to use them.

One new bit that is right at the end of the additions is the requirement to provide an online mechanism for opting out of data processing for direct marketing purposes – there is also a separate statement for third party opt-out.

The latest copy is available here.

The ICO have also published their advice on the new cookies regulations. You can get this here.

What it means for you

1.   Informing subscribers

To conform with the law as it stands you should clearly inform site visitors and subscribers of how you will use any data collected from them on your site.

Implement a clear statement explaining the personal data that is collected by using the site, how it is collected and by who and how it will be used.  You  an’t go far wrong by making sure that you have a privacy policy that covers all of the DMA requirements for data collection and usage on your site, linked from the footer.

2.    Get consent to the use of cookies and ‘similar tracking technology’

Enforcing non-consent of non-essential cookies is still posing a problem because browsers are not yet compliant with it – but they will be soon. So it will be down to the website owners to either stop using some arbitrary and third party-ad cookies or build their own consent box for users to accept on entry. The ICO’s advice on the new regulations is very helpful and they are not putting a lot of pressure on just yet, although it is rumoured that there will be an update to the policy in January 2012.

The ICO have already implemented this on their site  When you visit it there will be a small section at the top asking you to tick a box and hit a button, very subtle, unintrusive but noticeable enough, functioning without interrupting and low tech too. Have a look for yourselves at the top of

3.    Provide an opt-out mechanism for the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Essentially all you need to do is state that all marketing emails have a working unsubscribe link and then have an email address in there for people to use if they want to stop all or some emails.

We hope this helps, of course if you have any questions please just let us know.

Thanks to the DMA and ICO for the info in this article.

Well Done Tony!
September 19th, 2011

A big well done to Tony on completing the great north run with a fridge on his back…

On crossing the line to gasps of amazement from those all around him, he wiped his brow and simply said, “that was hard”.

I am sure that all those at the The South Tyneside Football Trust will appreciate every hard run penny you have raised!

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Tony’s Running Half Marathon With a Fridge on His Back
September 16th, 2011

A massive good luck and 15 miles of constant cheering to Tony Morrison who is not only running in the Great North Race on Sunday, but is doing it with an extra 40kg strapped to his back.

Tony will be carrying a fridge all the way around… that is how committed he is to raising much needed funds for The South Tyneside Football Trust!

Full details and some amazing pics can be found on Facebook and to donate to this great cause and get Tony passed the £2,000 he hopes to raise go to every pound is a step nearer, so what are you waiting for… we have!

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