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Direct Debit
Setting up a Direct Debit with Hiya Mail
is straightforward and completely safe.

We have teamed up with market leading Direct Debit provider Directli / Go Cardless to make staying ontop of your Hiya Mail account as easy as possible.

Simply follow this short guide to get your Direct Debit payments up and running in no time.

  • Follow the link to Direct Debit payments and you will see the ‘Payment Information’ screen
  • The package and price you are purchasing will be displayed at the top. Here, for example, a customer is purchasing a £50 monthly package.
  • Fill in the boxes with your details. Don’t worry – we take your privacy very seriously, and your information will never be shared or distributed to anyone.
  • Once you have completed the first stage you will see the ‘Verify Payment’ screen.
  • Here you will be asked to create a password so you can review your details later, and go through the process quicker next time.
  • Check the details. At the bottom it will confirm the amount being paid, and the approximate date it will be coming out of your account. There’s also a link to our Terms & Conditions
  • Click confirm – and you’re done! Hiya Mail will send you a confirmation email shortly after.

If you would like to set-up direct debit on your account please contact accounts on 0207 047 8110

Setting up your payment

Confirming your Direct Debit details.

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