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Hiya Mail API
Get Custom Field Data

The XML document structure for retrieving a contact lists custom field data is as follows:
  • xmlrequest (Required)
    • username - The user name used to login to the Hiya Mail. (Required)
    • usertoken - The unique token assigned to the user account used above. (Required)
    • requesttype - The name of the API file in question. (Required)
    • requestmethod - The name of the function being called. (Required)
    • details (Required)
      • list - The ID of the Contact List that you are wishing to search (Required)

Successful Response
Upon submission of a valid 'Get Custom Field Data' submission the custom field data found will be returned in formatted XML.

The format is as follows:
  • response
    • status - The value of the status field will be "SUCCESS" for a successful response.
    • data
    • item
      • fieldid - The custom fields ID number.
      • name - The name of the custom field.
      • fieldtype - the type of field (text, number etc.).
      • defaultvalue - If you set a default value it will appear here.
      • required - If this field is required to be filled in (1 or 0).
      • fieldsettings - Serialized version of the custom fields settings

Unsuccessful Response
Upon submission of an erroneous response due to a missing field, or an invalid value the Get Custom Filed Data will fail. A status message will be returned via XML as to why.

The format is as follows:
  • response
    • status - The value of the status field will be "ERROR".
    • errormessage - A textual message explaining why the request failed.

Sample Request (XML)
The following code sample will draw any information found on the custom fields for the list with the ID of '1'.

Sample Request (PHP)
The following sample code is written in PHP and makes use of PHP's CURL functionality to insert the above XML into the application.

 $xml = ' 
'; $ch= curl_init(''); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $xml); $result = @curl_exec($ch); if($result === false) { echo"Error performing request"; } else { $xml_doc= simplexml_load_string($result); echo'status is ', $xml_doc->status, '
'; if($xml_doc->status =='SUCCESS') { print_r($result); } else { echo'Error is ', $xml_doc->errormessage, '
'; } } ?>

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