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Data and List Management
Gain complete control over your customer and
prospect data.
Gain complete control over your customer and prospect data. Maximize the effectiveness of your communication touch points.

Businesses get the most from their most valuable marketing asset with Hiya Mail's data and list management solutions. Platform integrated tools make it easy to analyze and leverage recipient, prospect and customer data. Easily create, upload and segment lists on-demand.

Even the most advanced features can be accessed through our application without the need for technical resources or IT support. Our policy is to provide a marketing platform that empowers you and gives you complete control resulting in reduced costs and faster campaign turnaround.

Hiya Mail data and list management features include:

The ability to work with an unlimited number of recipient lists, each containing a unique set of unlimited customizable data fields. New lists, list fields and schema can be updated instantaneously, providing the most flexible data management solution in the industry.

Extreme Profiling
Build deep customer profiles for every list contact by integrating with Hiya Mail's relational tables. Start extreme profiling by linking contact records with entire purchase histories, web activity and sales pipeline activity to name a few.

Behavior-Based Segmentation
Maximize relevancy to improve results by segmenting lists based on prior behavior such as opens, clicks, clicks on a specific link, bounces and even non-activity thereby, focusing outgoing content.

For example automatically deploying "re-engage/reactivate" campaigns, which constantly run in the background, targeting people that haven't clicked on the last 3 messages. Concurrently, run a higher-level of engagement with people who have opened all of them, via generating highly personalized tactical campaigns.

Contact Timing
Send emails at the day and time most conducive to achieving opens and generating clicks based on prior recipient behavior. Deliver messages across multiple time zones, allowing email delivery at the precise time the recipient is most likely to be accessing their inbox.

Unified Data Importation
Import lists in a variety of formats (CSV, XLS, etc.) with unlimited user-defined fields. The Hiya Mail platform automatically removes bad email addresses and de-dupes redundant records. You can add additional recipients to a list or update field values at any time, manually or from external data sources.

Discover Hiya HQ's integrated database management solutions and find out how your data can be integrated and synchronized real-time from sources such the web, mobile, kiosks, call centers, reps, loyalty systems, and data-entry from printed collateral. Contact us to find out about Hiya HQ.

Automated Segmentation Testing
Easily split lists into equal parts or random subsets and test messages across multiple audiences.
The Hiya Mail platform will find the winning communication; think of it as natural selection applied to email.

Multiple Suppression Lists
Hiya Mail provides you with total control over suppression activities. Easily manage lists of people who are not to receive emails relating to specific or combinations of lists.

Find out more about Hiya Mail Data and List Management.

Grow your database in both in terms of quantity and quality by deploying branded opt-in and survey forms.

A full-featured, easy-to-use survey creation tool allows you to create and deploy surveys and track responses in real time. Full integration with Hiya HQ gives you the power to gather actionable information that can be immediately leveraged to enhance and increase the relevance of marketing campaigns.

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Advanced reports let you adapt campaigns based on behaviour & demographics to identify new marketing.
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